Predator kayak

Anyone out there own one of these?? I’m a big guy 290 lbs so is it stable?? It must be if they hunt out of it. Finally someone close to me are selling some kayaks. I’ve only seen OT brand though. Maybe I’ll finally get to try one out.

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He’s got one.

He isn’t small either.

I haven’t paddled it, but he was keeping up with my 13’4" boat on flatwater. Pretty fast for medium length rec. boat.

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There are three predators. One, the
K111 appears to be the same as the classic Loon 111. The K138 IS the old Loon 138 with the big cockpit, quite roomy (I have one). I weigh about 235 and probably carry at least 50lbs of gear and it does just fine. It should for you too. The K140 has an even larger cockpit, is a tad longer, and 10 lbs heavier. It would be a great fishing or duck hunting kayak.

Either the K138 Predator or the K140 Predator should fit your needs well. The K140 would be more like being in a canoe, though lower to the water and you may feel more stable. I know my Loon 138 makes me feel very secure. The weight of the K140 is a bit of concern, at 68 lbs (Old Town’s weight, though my Loon is supposed to weigh 57 lbs, it feels more like the 68 of the K140. If I were to get the K140 and had a pickup with

a receiver hitch, I’d get a bed extender from Harbor Freight or Northern Tool to use to haul it. If my Loon is any example, it can be a b**** to get up on the racks after 10 hours on the water paddling and fishing.

I think 'D" just called me

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FAT!?!?!? WHY I OUGHTA....;-)

FishnDad...I do indeed own a Predator. It's basically a Loon 111 with fancy makeup. Do yourself a favor, if you're buying new...Buy the 111 and rig it yourself. You'll save a good 150 -200 bucks. I also own the plain-jane version as well.

I bought the Predator I have from a mutual paddlin' bud (actually, I dang near stole it) But he bought a Cataraft and never looked back and was looking to clear some room in the garage.

The 111 is rated for 350 lbs I believe, and no I'm not THAT big..but I am pushing 230. The loon is wide and very stable, with a big cockpit opening and I have no trouble entering or exitting (wet or dry) and it handles class II technical water with ease once you get a feel for her handling personality. I have actually seen people stand up in them....Not that I would ever try something so foolish and I would not recommend it. He was a short dude and small to boot.

And like D's suprisingly fast for rec boat design, and tracks very straight. But will turn easily with a good lean.

Oh and what jerlfletcher says about weight is true. The Loon gets kindaheavy on the sholder after a ten hour day. I carry mine on the bed of a Tacoma.

Don’t worry about it
Even after losing a bunch of weight, I’m still heavier and not a whole lot taller.

See you in roughly 54 hours.

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If you are thinking the 111 is the way
to go, then I think they still sell the Loon 111 Classic. It has the large cockpit, same size as on the old 138, now the K138. The new 111 has a smaller cockpit, just like they downsized the 138’s cocpit. Don’t know why, the amount of water that would get in if you flipped wouldn’t make any difference, you ain’t gonna do an eskimo roll in these boats. I’ve gotta take my 138 into shallow water one crazy day and see just what I have to do to flip it.

How to Swamp a Loon 138
Take a day in February on the Jack’s Fork River here in MO, add a couple tricky little strainers, some strong current, and a bluff; oooowheee, that water was cold! I had a Predator 138 that I traded for a canoe. My buddy that I traded it to still lets me use it for duck season. I loved the camo color, but the rod holder was right in your way for paddling and the anchor has never been used since I paddle rivers. I also would reccomend modifying the “Work-skirt” as I did. I sewed velcro on and put velcro on the kayak so it would break away if I decided to swim from it again; I can imagine a foot getting stuck in that thing if you end up upside down. As for size, the 138 is just about THE perfect big-guy fishing kayak, I’ve grown a bit larger than 260, and I’m 6’2". Too bad you have to get the whole “Predator” package to get the camo, which is the best camo I’ve seen. WW

Flipping/swamping a Loon
Fortunately, there are no strainers on the lake I paddle and fish. It ain’t a pretty lake, but it has fish and its 2 miles away. So, I’m just going to have to take the Loon out and see what it takes to swamp it. So far, too close powerboaters haven’t done it and my Loon laughs at jet skis. Our water, even in winter, is warmer than that of your rivers.

Trust me on this one…
It’s hard to swamp a Loon 111…but once you do and fill it up with water…it’s like trying to keep a Ball and Claw bathtub upright. You are going over.

I know…I’ve seen me do it…

this past Sat on the New RIver as a matter of fact.

Loon 138

I’m 6’3 and around 290lbs and am very comfortable in my newer style Loon 138. Should be the same or very close to the predator.

I found the 111 to be a bit small and cramped for me at my height, plus it sat a bit too far down in the water for my comfort (barely any ripples and they were coming up over the boat).

I love the 138, extremely stable. Was in some pretty big wake and chop yesterday without even a hint of problem for my fiancee, who is a very poor swimmer and was previously dealthy afraid of that (and why I never let her go out alone… and we’re working on the other two problems) chop and wake.

Heh heh heh heh. :- )
I guess I can’t talk. I swamped a whitewater boat in calm water while stopped at the takeout. It’s just funnier when it’s you. For me that is. It’s funnier for me when it’s you. Though I have to admit to getting a pretty good laugh at my own stupidity.

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I swamped my Necky Sky several times
until I learned how to get in and out, also to avoid deep cut mud slippery banks.