Preferred lube for skeg cable?

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Actually, 2 questions:
1.I need to replace the skeg cable on a Valley Avocet, and figured this is a good opportunity to lube the new cable. Just wondering what y'all have found success with. I was specifically wondering whether a "dry" lube like would work well.

2. any advice for what type of wire cutters work well, without fraying, on the valley skeg cables? I just pulled the old one out and realized the replacement one I ordered is about 1 foot longer.

I did find this thread from '07 but the discussion is around the necky NiTi wire, which is I think pretty different from the Valley skeg cables.



Valley Skeg Cable
My personal preference for cable lubricant is none, zero. While the cable’s out, flush the tube with soapy, then with clear running water. A quality set of linesman’s pliers works well for me - clean & easy cut, no frayed ends. And now that you’ve probably spend $10+ for a Valley cable, next time around try a length of 1x19 stainless in 3/32" from a marine or sailing supply store. Valley uses 3mm cable, which you may have found is problem to find in the US from other than a Valley dealer. 3/32 is just a hair smaller and works fine for 1/3 the price or less.

great advice
The only thing I can add to this is to buy two or three lengths!


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I did consider buying the cheaper 3/32 cable from West Marine but wasn't sure it would be the right fit. Good to know it works just as well.

Will try the soapy water. I was concerned about lube getting gunked up with dirt, so I can certainly see the logic of no lube at all.

If you do need to lube the cable…

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...I've found that wax lubes, like the original "While Lightning' chain lube or even just paraffin (candle wax) rubbed on the cable work well and don't attract dirt and grit.

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Same here
For my Anas Acuta, I use nothing, and it works fine. Been that way since the boat was new 4 years ago. IMO, if Valley skeg gets tough to use, there’s something wrong

On my Caribou, I have an aftermarket skeg which has much tighter tolerances than the Valley skeg, and I use Boeshield T-9 on that. Works great, and sheds any gunk that builds up, much like White Lightning would.

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