Preparing a GoPro for the water

Is there any special preparation you do to the GoPro before mounting it to the boat? I planned on using their suction cup mount on the deck of my soon to be Delta 16. Do you use products like Rain X on the lens? Is it worth investing in the Protective Housing + Waterproof Case?

A tether


Most GoPros are waterproof to 32’, so unless your boat sinks to the bottom in deep water it should be fine. In fact, I’d be concerned with a waterproof case, if not needed, fogging up in some conditions.

As mike93lx said, a tether is critical. My VHF radio has both a clip and tether.


You should tether it to the boat. I have had sticky pads break off, and would assume suction cups would do so easier. Even if both feel really secure.

Over that last few days I’ve seen a few videos that involved GoPros being lost in the water (dropped, falling off mounts, etc.). And with them goes lots of good footage. So maybe attaching some sort of flotation thingy might be a good idea.

I appreciate everyone’s replies. I definitly plan to tether the camera to the kayak. My larger question is whether to use rain x on the lens to minimize distortion from water drops or if there are better things to use?

RainX you’ll still get drops :droplet: tether it to a deck line.

Drill a hole if required and a piece of bungee. Scotty clip.

Which GoPro version do you own? If it is a 5 or later, like the other poster said, it is waterproof to 33 feet or so without a housing. With that said, a housing adds extra insurance in case your camera gets whacked or ground into the sand during a capsizing.

Do you use products like Rain X on the lens?

I can’t remember why, maybe Rain X doesn’t get along with plastic, but Rain X isn’t recommended with GoPro lenses and housing. There are overpriced chemicals you can buy that claim to work like Rain X but they wash off very quickly and there are a number of videos on youtube that claim the old reliable spit method works just as well. Errant splash drops on the lens sure can ruin a video!

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