Preparing stove for mailing

I am going to Alaska next month and am preparing my packing list - what to take on the plane versus what to mail ahead of time, etc.

I know I can’t take my Coleman Peak 1 stove or fuel bottles on the plane. How can I prepare the stove for mailing? I have dumped the gas out, but there seems to be a lot of residual gas - I’ve left it wide open outside hoping to evaporate the rest.

It is even mailable? I visited the USPS site and read the rules on flammable liquids, but couldn’t really figure out if I’m OK mailing the empty stove.

I would welcome advice from anyone with experience in this (or first-hand knowledge of postal regulations)


The mail is flown in.

From what I read in books
about just that they say to burn off the fuel and leave everything open to air dry. You could also buy new fuel bottles and take them with you if that would make you feel better.

Just a thought
After air-drying the stove, could you place it in a 200degF oven for a couple of hours? That ought to drive off any volitiles, and I doubt any residual vapors would be of consequence.


stoves and luggage
I’ve never had a problem packing my stove in my luggage. But I use the MSR Pocket Rocket and the Jet Boil, which use propane gas fuel, not liquid white gas. Of course, I have to buy new fuel cans every time I travel somewhere by plane. That’s not a big deal, though, having a stove that I trust, it’s a small price to pay.