Prescription goggles

Has anyone tried these?

$30.00 seems like a good price for someone like me who is a bit visually impaired, four eyes, whatever.

I’m looking into these to use while taking in the sights while playing around with rolling and sculling. With the basic store bought clear pair I have now my distance vision doesn’t matter much underwater since most of the water I paddle on in the area is cloudy to some extent. What I could use them for is when I pop up from rolling or sculling on the local lakes and then notice some neighbor nearby in a boat questioning my antics. If I don’t recognize their voice, I have a hard time recognizing who they are. I’m sure that on clear lakes I could also come to appreciate enhanced vision underwater.

Chris Hess in North Jersey

prescription diving mask

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might be a better choice.

I use face mask for rolling sessions. I find it fits my face better than goggles - pressure zones are different.


Zeal Swap-Its
Not cheap but very effective & they look good.

RX lenses available clear, low light, tinted and/or polarized w/3 sets of interchangable lenses go into the wrap around frames which have a variety of interchangable straps for various sports. 1 sunglass lens set, 1 rubber cupped lens set and one cushioned lens set for snow sports.

Just got a set and had fun with them out on the Hudson today. Like 'em!

See you on the water,


Don’t leave shore without it! L

I too was using a mask (light low profile eye only type - and a nose clip) for roll practice - but only to avoid losing contacts. Contacts took care of the vision part.

Trouble is - I was limiting my rolling to practice sessions and not integrating it into normal paddling. No way I’m wearing a mask to paddle. Yes, I can roll fine eyes closed - but my natural reflex it to open my eyes - some are the opposite.

The contacts are gone, and the mask is now irrelevant (unless I want to actually see/find anything underwater or take underwater photos.

Freedom at last! What the they say about the high price of freedom is true though! Money could have bout me a top end kayak and gear - but since I just built one a lot cheaper, that’s irrelevant too!