preservatives for royalex

Is it OK to use ARMOR ALL on Royalex/Royalite hulls, or do I need to

order 303 Protectant?


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Here is what I remember of this great debate:

303 is better, armour-all is evil
303 is a rip-off, armour-all is the same
Lemon pledge is the way to go.

Here are my thoughts - the outer layer of Rx is pvc, which is what lawn furniture is made out of. It can take a bit of sun. If stored indoors, no need for anything.

If scratched up lots, krylon paint is a good option, and blocks the light well of course.

I've used armour all and 303 but other than a few days of shine, and an oily film, I haven't noticed a difference. I store all canoes indoors, though.

Plain old air seems to preserve royalex rather well.

The finish might get a little dull, but the royalex doesn’t seem to mind.


my opinion
armor all goes on thick and i dont like it for hulls… 303 is good stuff but its to expensive unless you buy in bulk. mequires make some decent stuff and turtle wax protectant works pretty good… i like how my boat looks and i dont notice a oil slick behind me…if you spray your rag and rub it in you will get the best results

Still like 303.
Don’t use too much. Rub it around and buff it on. When we’re done, the hull doesn’t feel oily and it’s a slick ride.

I’ve found Armorall to be OK. It does
not need to be buffed down like 303, and it is “dry” when dry. I have no way of knowing whether it provides as much UV protection as 303. Both companies should provide some test data.

I am switching to 3Ms paste yacht wax. It helps whitewater boats slide off rocks, it provides UV protection, and it >seems< to last longer than 303.

By far, the best method is to
scour the hull regularly with sharp river rocks and/or barnacles. This helps ensure that Royalex will continue to be available to future generations. It’s guys like daggermatt that are trying to kill Royalex!