Preserving AquaSeal?

Since I’m about to place an order that will include another big 8oz tube of AquaSeal I am curious if anyone has figured out a better way to preserve this stuff. I keep it in the freezer and that helps – and this time I’m going to keep it in my deep-freeze so it will be kept colder. Really the problem is that it hardens under the cap and clogs the exit. If there was a plastic extension that could be screwed on to the tube and then capped (like some caulk tubes can) that might help a lot. Thanks.

Like you say, the freezer does help
But I haven’t had anything work. I’ve tried everything that others have suggested with limited results. I just purchase small tubes and get multiple projects lined up. It’s a shame to have such a great product go bad. GOOP works well for many repairs but nothing I’ve tried compares to Aquaseal for adhesion.

Aquaseal Party…Hey !!!

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Forget preserving it, invite people over, BBQ & Beer.
It's a Fix-It-Fest and everyone chips in a buck.

Set up a table covered in aluminum foil, freezer paper,
whatever to protect it, and people bring over used gear.
Box of rubber gloves, popsicle stick applicators.

Swap stories, watch Tsunami Ranger DVD's and enjoy.

An empty tube is a good tube. Adhere to those friends.
You might need them on the water some day !

The big tubes preserve better
I’ve been using the same one for 2 years now. It doesn’t seem to get all dried out under cap like the smaller tube does. And, if it does get hard, just drill it. I keep mine in the freezer.

I believe that Aquaseal, like silicone
cures in the presence of moisture. So the lower the moisture the better. Maybe try freezing in a quality freezer zip bag with a silica gel desiccant pack inside?

I am just hypothesizing about this though.


don’t go large
I always buy the smallest tubes and plan on only using them once. I do put the open one in the freezer which helps greatly, but even if that fails it’s no big deal with the small tube.

An 8 oz tube is huge- way too much for any normal paddling jobs & an expensive loss if you only get to use it once.

I’ve used my 8oz tube about 8 times
… over the past two years and it’s still going stong. $20 isn’t too much for me for the kind of longevity and convenience. If I need Aquaseal, I’ve got it, and plenty. As of now, my large tube is still 3/4 full.

Three things help delay hardening
I buy the 8 oz tubes because the small ones are horribly expensive per ounce.

After I use the Aqua-Seal, (1) I hold the tube open-side-up, immediately wipe clean the threads of the tube and cap, (2) carefully roll up from the bottom of the tube to eliminate air, and then (3) STORE the tube in a sealed plastic bag kept with the CAPSIDE UP. This prevents the goo from flowing into the cap area again and possibly welding it shut. At the very least, it means I can open the cap without making a mess the next time I use it.

on all those adhesive tubes
cover the cap and the threads with a lil vaseline and they won’t seal shut on ya !

Just used my 8oz tube again
Pulled it out of the freezer, cap easily came off, good Aquaseal came out, fixed my glove, cap back on, and back to the freezer. I’ll never buy another small tube again, if I can help it.