Pretty pictures has become my favorite topic

I’d much rather look at a swamp than wander in the mental, environmental, and emotional ones.


In that case look here…

Not technically a swamp, but a training facility for retrievers.

Love the picture, technically what does it take to be a swamp? Just curious.

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From my perspective , water everywhere with aquatic vegetation and muck underneath. Snakes, birds , rabbits, deer, Bald cypress , pine trees, Sawgrass, mosquitoes, horse and deer flies.
Paradise for a kid to grow up in.

Be careful wading into swamps!
It’s a veritable quagmire!
You may fen for yourself, moor or less,
but bayou there’s morass then’s required.

“Sheesh! Why is it always Marsh a Marsh a Marsh a???!”
(that should tide ya over)


@tdaniel swamps have trees, while marshes are mostly grasses. (cypress swamp, mangrove swamp vs salt marsh).


Swamps have a lot more water, acres and acres. That is a farm pond on a ranch.

Swamps have ogres!

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I’ve seen Bubbas in jon boats, rough looking people trying to catch or kill enough to subsist on, once a group of p.nutters , a paddling Doc, but no ogres.
Unless it was Castoff . Hmmm?

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Ogres are imaginary. It’s the underwater dragons spewed out by dead souls that seek you to add to their number. As best I recall.

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Some discussion topics here have become swamps.