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She does. I can’t imagine being on a SUP at 8°.

You’re correct

Ghost Tempest on Islet 48
Bardswell Group, BC
51 33’59”N 127 47’37”W

Colorado River | above Lees Ferry


Morning on Caamano Sound

52 54’27"N 129 28’55"W


There is an island in this photo.

Lake Hartwell, Nov 21. A beautiful afternoon!

And we saw a bear on the way home.

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Looks like a nice day. I’ll have to trust you on the bear since it’s not readily apparent to me in your photo! Always very cool to see one.

We saw the bear on the highway. It was almost dark and it ran across in front of us. My first thought was ’ that’s a Big dog’ but dogs don’t run like that.
It is bear season in that county and he may have been running from hunters.

Core Sound - Cape Lookout/Shackleford Banks/Pelican Island 11/21/2020


Tombolo Camp on Meyers Passage - Swindle Island, BC
52 38’57"N 128 33’57"W