Preventing wet suit rash?

I’ve been getting an itchy rash on the inside of my calves and above my knees when I wear my wet suit. This usually happens when I sweat lots and stay dry during my paddle. What can I do to prevent this?

Be honest now
What you’re experiencing is called “diaper rash” and it comes from peeing in your wetsuit. :wink:

Wear a drysuit NM

don’t wear a wetsuit nm

Possible solutions to chafing:
Your skin may be irritated by salt or soap or bacteria trapped against you by the suit.

Make sure suit is clean- wash inside out, make sure ALL soap is rinsed off, squeeze out water don’t wring, air dry, in the sun if possible. I use Woolite, or Neutrogena soap.

Try using a skin protectant/lubricant like Neutrogena or Vaseline skin lotion for a day or two before your paddling.

Try talcum powder in the affected areas- I have to use it with regular clothes to avoid chafing while at work in the steel mill, especially in the summer or when I work near the furnace.

Let us know how it works out.


Panty hose ?
You may have an allergic reaction to neoprene or a skin issue, or you may have micro organisms growing in your suit … try cleaning your wetsuit after each use with anti-bacterial shampoo or NRS wetsuit soap or soap you can buy at a surfshop.

If you are getting too hot in wetsuit -get wet and regulate your temp with the water.

Rash guard shorts
- aka lycra/spandex exercise shorts.


I’m just nasty.
I have never actually used soap to clean my wet suit, just rinsed it in cool water (occasionally).Maybe I will try some soap. That should cover stuff living in the suit. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I have a stick of Body Glide skin protectant I use when running. I may rub some on but I don’t think it’s chafing. Thanks for the advice.

Yeah, that’s defintely nasty!
I would use more than soap on your wetsuit. Make sure you use something that’s antibacterial and anti-fungal. After you wash it, let it dry in the sun, which will help to kill anything that the cleaning doesn’t get.

Dry is Where it’s At
I’m using a frickin’ hair dryer right now trying to get my mukluks dry inside. Why did they get wet? Good question. The hydroskin bottoms I had on yesterday surely wicked water right down inside. Dry is the way to go.

Move south.No wetsuits needed.

Hi Kaps, how you doing? The family?

Couple things
You can get a lycra undersuit. I wear one when diving, even with light suits. It makes wetsuits easier to done, and also reduces friction between the wetsuit and skin.

If that’s not your thing, a good barrier cream should help protect against chemical and biological irritations.

But, reading your post, it sounds like salt buildup is probably your problem. Salt crystals can be extremely irritating. Wash it as recommended. Then rinse it in fresh water after every session. Occasionally give it a thorough washing.

Neoprene on skin does more than chafe
It can causes localized heat rashes and clogged pores too. Also some folks are chemically sensitive to neoprene.

Result of any/all of these? Rashes!!! if there is friction it’s all multiplied.

Rash guards/under layers can help more than friction issues. Whatever the surface on you neo is may not be enough in those areas, and if never washed…

How’s the Foot Doing?
Hope you’re healing up, brutha.