Price check - Bell MorningStar

Came upon a year-old royalex MorningStar in great shape, owner wants $600. Good price, or not?

Bell morningstar
I think $600 is a very good price on a year old m-star. They are about $1150-1200 new and is a nice ride.


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I just bought one (also royalex and a year old) I paid $850, but it's in great shape and came with the optional center seat.


trim package
if it has ash gunwales, center seat, and skid pads it would cost you $1600 new.

$600 – even if it’s not trimmed in ash – is a steal.

Where is it?

That is all…

Thanks, guys!

Have you had it on the water yet?


I’m not sure if that question was intended for me, but if not, I’ll just pretend that it was :wink:

Although we’ve had such little rain here I did take mine out on a very short pool in a nearby, very low, river cause I was really anxious to get it wet. It was nice and light carrying to and from the water and it was a joy to paddle solo, but I’m really looking forward to using it tandem (as that’s how I’ll mostly be paddling it).

Side note, I made two thwarts for it, one on each end about 30" in- I wanted to stiffen it up a bit cause it felt just a bit “loose” to me. This placement still allows for plenty of leg/kneeling room in the bow. Sorry, I don’t have an updated pic yet.