Price for 10 yr. old Mad River canoe?

What would be a reasonable offer for a 10-year-old kevlar Mad River canoe? It’s 16’5" and at this point I don’t know which model it is. The person selling it says she’s used it only once and it’s been stored in a garage. She also said that the same model going for new is $2100. Would kevlar degrade or weaken after 10 years of sitting in a garage?

Help! And thanks!


Kevlar Explorer?
The Kevlar Explorer is 16’4", so that must be what they’re selling. Kevlar should be in good shape if not stored in the sun, outdoors. Look at the kevlar. It should be a the color of butterscotch or a wee bit darker for that age. The more it’s been in the sun, the darker it will be. Look for deep scrapes and chips in the gelcoat (the outer layer), and closely inspect the gunnels. A few months ago a 10 year old Kevlar Explorer went for about $800. If it was “Mint,” I might pay 1K. WW

Thanks for that info
I’ve seen butterscotch ones on the Web. This one is blue. Sure hope it’s an Explorer, as that’s the model we’re looking for.

Prices in general are lower at this
time of year. People need money. Wait until March and April and the prices seem to go up. Maybe more in our area than in warmer climates.

Sounds like the person knows
what they have there. Kevlar stored indoors and away from UV should not have degraded much if at all. Close inspection will tell a lot about the condition of the boat. Is the floor fuzzed up? Look for spider cracks, soft spots, dull or refinished gel coat, off color gel repairs. Wood condition is a big factor too. It’s now around 300.00 to refit gunnels. Check gunnels from the underside to view the true condition because most people neglect to oil there. Also look to see if they have been sanded down (to small) Grey is OK but look for dry rot. Condition of the cane seats will tell how much the boat has been used in the last ten years too. I would expect to pay anywhere from 700.00 to 1500.00 for an expedition Kevlar M.R. but the higher price would be showroom condition.

Didn’t Think About the Possibility…
…that it could be a Malecite. If it is that is ONE SWEET BOAT! Explorers kind of like the family station wagon where a Malecite’s kinda like a '72 Cuda, a “Classic” that’s fun to drive! NT made a good point about the “Fuzzing” of kevlar and checking the gunnels. The blue color is the gelcoat layer that protects the outside of the kevlar. Don’t tell me if it’s a Malecite, I don’t NEED to know. I still have a boat to pick up in Ohio, huh Norb? WW

Yeah, a Malecite would be enticing :->
I like its dimensions, too, but I think either model would work fine for my husband, who wants it for fishing and all around paddling. The boat in question belongs to my brother’s girlfriend, so things may work out great all around.

N.T., thanks for those specific tips. I appreciate the good advice.