Price for a 2005 poly ws tempest?

Im checking out a used 2005 ws tempest 165 soon, any suggestions on appropriate price? Buyer asks $1050 with a rec paddle and ws skirt. That seems abit steep as they are on sale locally new at $1399.

Looks to be good condition, but evidently has some warpage on bottom near the seat (which hopefully could be fixed with the cooking in the sun/pressure fix).

Whats a reasonable offer if dents not too bad?


Just saw two 2005’s
(slightly used) for $600 a piece in Naples, Florida. That was a great price for the condition they were in. We don’t see a lot of Tempests here though are great boats, and when they come on the market they usually run $800-1000. I paid $920 for my poly Tempest 165 in 2006…it was brand new but had gotten a small scratch on the bottom when being moved from showroom to the warehouse in Easley, SC. I was GLAD to get it at that price.

I sold mine, also a 2005, two years ago for $750. Probably could’ve gotten more for it in a region with more sea kayakers, but $1000 still sounds high for what is now a 7-yr-old plastic kayak. Unless the paddle is an expensive one in top condition, anyway. Mine was in better condition than what you described, no dents.

Sounds Reasonable
I sold my first gen poly Tempest 170 that was marked as a “Blem" and was missing the skeg for $700 … and that was w/o paddle or skirt.

$600 is good, $900 reaches high…
Depends on the extras and if you need them, but for the kayak only, I would not offer more than $800 or so if it is in good condition. Heck, they go new for under $1,200 in the Winter months if you take you time to wait for a sale at some of the bigger stores or eBay or even some local paddling stores…

If course, it’s summer…
… so demand is higher, so not the season for best prices to buy (used or new)…

As for extras, they have value for you only if you actually need them (e.g., if one is throwing 2 heavy plastiv paddles and a worn skirt or a pump that I already have - these things have no value to me)…

thx yall
Good info.

A copy of this might be a handy negotiating tool… :^P

$1399 for a new Tempest?
They regularly go on sale for $1000 used here in Raleigh. $1399 for new sounds like a really really good deal. Can you tell me where you found that?


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at Hudson Trail outfitters and at EMS last Fall they were going on for around $1,200 new plus tax of about 6%. But you get 10% in store rewards, so total price is stil about $1,200 or so. Jersey Paddler also had some after season for similar cost. And LLBeans Outlet had one for $1,000 brand new when I did not need it...

How about brand new P&H Delphins and Scorpios for $1,079 plus tax? All true last Winter in MD ... Again, summertime demands higher prices...

On my local paddling board they sell for about $700 occasionally, used. That does not stop people from asking $1,000 but when I tried to sell my Zephir, I could only sell it for $600 this Spring (now it would probably have fetched $700 easily)...

midwest mountaineering in mpls mn

craigslist ws tempest 17’ $700
Don’t now the age, but it looked good in the photos. It’s in Raliegh, NC. Skirt is $50 extra.

Here’s a snap shot
of what’s out their on line right now. Runs the gamut. Whatever the market will bear: $600 $650 $700 $1,000 $1,050 $1,080

I just bought one in crummy condition for $750. End toggles broken, skeg broken, gauge taken out, but oh is she a beauty to me! :wink: