price of canoe

We are thinking of kyaking instead of canoeing. We have a We no nah Spirit II, 17’ Kevlar 42 lb canoe. What should I ask for this canoe?

Where do you live?
In what part of this beautiful country would you be selling that canoe? Somewhere near western PA?

I would ask $1500, maybe more, if it
does not need any repairs. It depends on the market where you are.

A few years ago I bought a 48# Bluewater Chippewa, a demo, from a dealer who was dropping that line. He was only asking $1400, which seemed like a steal to me for a canoe built with such sophisticated methods. I drove all the way from Atlanta to southern Michigan to get it, and was somewhat surprised no one beat me to it. If it had been a more recognized name like Wenonah, it might have cost more.

The other thing to do is scan back through the pnet classified ads and see what’s being asked for comparable boats.

price of canoe
we live in central Wisconsin and canoe in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

I think $8 would be a fair price. I will be happy to drive all the way from Arkansas to pick it up so you don’t have to pay shipping. Why in the would would you sell such a nice boat? Keep it and buy a kayak if you must. I regret selling every canoe I have ever parted with. I even regret selling a couple of kayaks.

$1,200 - $1,900
Depending on condition and, to a lesser extent, age.

Keep it
Some times you feel like a nut, some times you don’t.

Maybe you’ll want to do a late season Wisconsin river camping trip… the canoe can haul so much more fire wood, and bulkier cold weather sleeping bags, and big pots and pans for coffee and homemade chili, not to mention comfy camp chairs to keep you up & out of the chilly damp sand.

You can also take friends out… say, you paddle the canoe with a friend, and the spouse is in one of the kayaks. See? More fun!

Keep it. It’s an awesome boat. :slight_smile: