Price of canoe

My neighbor has a 17’ canoe by Sawyer Canoe (ser. # 9AW10814M82A) that he wants to sell me. It looks to me that it is made of either light weight fiberglass or Kevlar. It is in great shape with no apparent damage or marks, indicating very little use. He and I don’t know what it is worth, so I am asking you for some advice on the subject. Thank you in advance.

tell him
its worth a couple hundred bucks. :wink:

The Oscoda line might actually be
worth $500, if it’s in good condition.CEWilson commented a few years back that $300 could be the high price. I’m figuring for inflation and vintage value. Couldn’t find serial number, but the Oscoda line is easy to spot because they were chopper gun inside the hull and would be heavier than the new hand lay up fiberglass or kevlar. If it’s not chopper gun, then it would be worth more, especially if kept indoors with no sun damage. Contact Superior canoes(they bought the old Sawyer molds)to see if they could tell you what it is. Since it’s your neighbor, a fair price is a good idea. :^) I paddled a 17’Oscoda and it was fine.

oscoda canoes i have paddled
were woven roving on the interior. a very coarse fabric. Wasnt there a Sawyer X-17 in their line as well that would be a cloth layup?