Price of Composites

I’ve heard from several sources that the price of Composites were going to go way up in the next year. I was planning on purchasing a composite after the first of the year, but went ahead and got it early.

Does anyone know if the prices increase is real and what is the cause of it?

they didn’t tell you the cause?

You have been had.

Which material?
its sort of like saying the price of edible birds will go way up.


Kinda went up a couple yrs ago
Now it’s a little up,

Depends where made…
Resins are the by-product of petroleum and you know what’s happening with that.

Labor with healthcare going through the roof and energy prices are rising. So ???

So maybe my beat up carbon kevlar
QCC-700 is now worth five grand ???

Jack L


Plastic is in, composites out.

With oil DOWN, composites DOWN, how would composite prices go up ? Itsnot like composites are traded on the exchange…

The beloved and lamented Sea Kayaker went under partly due to lack of uh our interest, partly due to declining ownership of composites, uh who we are.

In that paddlers buying poly boat are low income uneducated slobs.

I tried quantifying these speculations from online data without result except that recreational boating was up. Sea Kayaker was down but rec boating was up.

People are buying expensive motor boats but not expensive kayaks. Aha !

nothing works better
nothing works better as a sales pitch than to crate a sense of urgency where a customer might miss out on something, would that be the goods or the price.

It appears that they might have leveraged on the price.

There are no indications that I am aware of where a price increase in composites is warranted, not more than at the typical inflation rate. If the market would react promptly, if anything the price of composites should go down, as mentioned before, because the price of crude oil is dropping.

Then again having a nice new boat is good thing, right?

purely economic argument

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The price will go up with inflation and if more people want to buy it in relation to the amount being produced.

As far as raw materials go, I don't think there is an argument for it going up.

to my dealer, Wilderness Systems is reintroducing their ultralite boats next spring. I’m not sure they’d be doing that if the price of the raw materials was about to skyrocket.

Not to my knowledge
No great price increases in the brands I carry, (Valley, P&H, North Shore, Venture, Feel Free) but absolutely yes, you should call immediately and get yours before it’s too late.

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What about a sale?
Anyone who is looking for a great deal on a great composite sea kayak, check out the sale that NC Kayaks is having.

The market for high-end composite kayaks
has been in decline for sometime. Where I live, Jersey Paddler has been depending on the still expanding SUP market and so-called fishing kayaks for a major portion of their sales. Many of us who started paddling a couple of decades ago have acquired more boats than we need or want to store or lift onto the roof racks of our SUV and if we’re going to spend serious money on a new boat, it’s going to be for a lightweight composite. Looking for a deal? Check your local dealer’s inventory after January 1 when the boats with 2014 in their serial number will be another year older and likely more negotiable.


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Fewer composites are being bought, which is driving prices up on individual boats to compensate for the loss of volume. I used to count on selling 50-70 16 to 18 foot composite boats every year; if we sell a dozen in a year now, that's news.

The sales are in 12 to 14 foot plastics. For most people who aren't into paddling deep water, that's as much as they want and need, and if they can get something for $800-1100, they're not going to spend $3k on a glass boat.

And here I’m adding another composite line because of demand.

Go figure.

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Probably has partly to do with you,
as a dealer, providing excellent advice and support to people understandably doubtful about a big expense for a complex product.

Attitude of the shop…
From what I’ve seen it looks like the interests and the competence of the staff along with attitude of the shop.

Do they have trained instructors as sales people or seasonal barely paddlers. Offer lessons, are there activities supporting sea kayaks or support the local clubs?

It’s easy to sell entry level paddle craft, even KMart has them. Moving paddlers up to top of the line boats takes knowledge and talent to create the desire to advance.

If I watched plastic boats come down the road to Fort Myers Beach would see 20-30 day rarely composites…out at the Sanibel boat ramp only composites never plastics.

Same deal at San Juan County Park: paddlers with plastics not affording wet suits or baseball players/oil field owners wit compsites.

Survey suggests there are few people in between…salty people with enough disposable income for a relatively expensive earth, non technical ( ? ) hobby or avocation.

I would guess the rise of plastics, which is everywhere - bicycle plastics are impressive, vinylesters on my 2008 van are indestructible…and you read the voluble Delphin review ?..soaks up most of that salty moving on up group.

Composites looks to be an art form not an industry.

Price up volume down fits in there.

How was I had?
I overheard some people talking. I ordered a boat a couple of months earlier than I planning (not from the people I was listening to either).

I got the boat I wanted for a better price that I expected.