Price on used Wenonah Advantage?

-- Last Updated: May-26-06 1:25 PM EST --

Whats a good price on a used Wenonah Advantage Grahite/carbon Canoe with Ash Trim and detachable carrying yoke. Its in Excellent condition with hardly any scratches. Model year is 2000,stored in a basement.

I’m pretty sure that boat would retail for just a bit over $2500.

Used in great condition I’d say a fair price is between $1700-$2000. Less than that would be a great deal.

Similar boat
I sold my used Savage River Otegan (similar to the Advantage) for $1200. It was carbon and in like new condition except for one professionally repaired crack. I think I had right about $2000 to $2200 in the boat. It was around 2 years old when I sold it and included a relatively new canoe bag.

List price is…
Brand new the canoe lists for $2200 w/standard equipment. Add in another $250 for ash trim . If it is barely used, I would think $1500-1600 would be a good offer . Just like a new car, as soon as you drive it off the lot it loses a chunk of value . Also, you don’t know what the guy paid for it - he may have pro dealed it . I would be especially careful looking at the gunnels. Wood may look nicer, but it requires care, even if stored inside - especially if the temps and humidity fluctuate .

Don’t underestimate how long one of these will last . While it might seem “delicate” compared to a Royalex tub, these boats can last a LONG time if a moderate amount of care is applied . I have an 11 year old Advantage that spent a third of its life stored outside, and it is still going strong - aluminum gunnels, not wood.

Not worth anything but…
I will give you a flat trade for my Merlin wood strip.

Dang that is a nice boat why get rid of it?