prices...? Kayaks for sale

I moved to the Arizona desert and feel I should sell my kayaks. They will be much happier near calm water. I don’t know how much to ask, any thoughts?

Aquaterra kayaks: Spectrum with touring package, 15’3", yellow, Whisper paddle

Keowee, large cockpit with removable buddy seat, 9’7", purple.

Cate Mueller

google is your friend
just google the make of your kayak and add the word “sale” or “for sale.”

You will get links to paddling club sites, misc. paddling forums, even dealers who sell them for customers.

Then you need to guess how the age, condition, & features compare to yours. Sometimes there are pix.

That is the fun part :wink:

Can’t help with prices
but I should point out that Aridzona has some paddling, a few hundred miles of the Colorado River including Lakes Powell, Mead, Mohave, and Havasu.

Just in case you were thinking of maybe hanging on to one of those yaks.

Just ask for best offer. If it’s worth the amount of money someone offers you then you know you have a good enough deal.

Arizona paddling
You dont say where you are but there are quite a few paddling opportunities in AZ. I live at Lake Havasu but there are lots more places. If you are set on selling, Pnet has a classified section.

Spectrum: 550-600 dollars.

Kewowee: 270-300 dollars.

???How much???

I’ll sell you one right now if your willing to pay that much.(or if it’s worth that much.)