Pricing 2000 canoe

We want to establish a fair price for a16’ OT Camper (Royalex) year 2000 to sell to a neighbor who wants it. It’s in almost new condition, stored under a tarp 3 months a year and inside the rest. We are well into our 80’s and no longer using it. New at OT I believe they are 1,699. We live on a lake in Maine (both neighbor and us). Thanks for any info.

I wouldn’t go less than $850, since
it’s in near new condition.

be aware of what other canoes

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are selling's a Camper in Me. for half that...
Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...

Saw several other canoes, one glass, but you're on a lake so glass is fine, and none were over $500, including a wood/canvas.

ooop, missed one...$800 for an OT Discovery...1999. I believe the Camper is Royalex which is preferred over the superlink/crosslink of the Discovery, but again, living on a lake would make the difference less important than running whitewater and portaging etc..

no one pays full retail for an Old Town

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Especially in Maine. You have a 15 year old boat.Look at the ads here on pnet.

Kevlar is going for $700. Old Towns seem to be going for around six hundred in excellent shape.

Its totally up to you and your neighbor. Sellers are often over optimistic about the value of old canoes. Those with Royalex especially as its no longer made. I am sure when you Camper was manufactured it was not over a grand.

Its always difficult to sell to a neighbor. Priced too high and they won't forget. But price too low and you gyp yourself. We have done the same..but we ask what they are willing to pay.

Bird in hand…

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That the canoe in question is Royalex, and is in excellent condition are definitely positive selling points, "for someone who is specifically looking for that particular canoe".

However, no matter what the boat's current condition; it is, in fact, an old boat. It is just gathering dust & taking up space. You are not using it; not putting it to good use.

I think you should consider yourself lucky if you are able to get $700.00 out of it. That would be my starting price. I'd probably go a little lower, if a prospective buyer was ready to buy & had cash in hand.

Think bird in hand; not birds in the bush. What are you doing with the canoe? Nothing!
What could you do with the money you get for the canoe?
While not a bad canoe per se; it is certainly not unique or special in any way. Price it accordingly.


$500 in PA
I saw one of these on Craigslist last night and the seller was asking $500. It might have a bit more use but was in very good condition.

If only you sold boats the way you buy
them :slight_smile:

This is a tough crowd.
Don’t seem to give credit for like new condition on a canoe that’s no longer available new.


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Newness of boat will wear off in 8 to 10 trips, or less; depending on paddler, and paddling venue.
Then you have a used, dented, scratched, 15 year old canoe.

If you overpay up front; you've lost money, and will probably lose more if/when you resell it a year or two down the road.

Old Town Campers(in Royalex) can be found with some regularity on craiglist & other venues for well under $700.00. Nothing special about the boat in question; it's a utilitarian tandem.

Vast majority of new paddlers are not willing to pay $700.00 for any canoe. They're happy to have a $350.00 pumpkinseed kayak, or sit on top they got at Weird World or Dicks.

Make prospective seller a killer offer yanoer.
Just what you need; an Old Town Camper tandem.
Nah! I didn't think so; you don't want or need one, do you? That makes you part of the tough crowd you talk about, doesn't it?


I NEED a Bell Northstar!
Black gold with aluminum trim for $800.

I would trade my Eddyline Fathom LV for the Northstar.

It is available new
There are a pile of em at Beans. Was there two days ago.

There are a pile of them at our Meetups in the Lakes Region of Maine.

Not a rare boat at all. Its the number one summer home boat. I can lay my hands on five in half an hour that are rarely paddled.

I don’t see them in Central IL.

New OT Camper

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In St. Louis area (University City, Mo.)
New, Royalex, Old Town Camper, $999.00

In Springfield, Mo.
Used condition, older version, Royalex, Old Town Camper, $550.00


Looks like you’re all set.

No need…
My wife & I paddle solo; no need for tandem.

Actually I was thinking about you yanoer.

OT Camper would be a great boat for you when you’re out paddling those Illinois cornfield irrigation ditches & want to do an overnight.



Too far away
If you were close to me, while I am mostly a kayaker, I would like a tandem canoe for paddling with the grand kids. I would offer $500. Prices in you locale may differ.


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Things that are common in an area go for less than those same things in an area that are not common.

Campers is sometimes used for poling here. Not much use for that in a cornditch :)

And the OP is in an area where there are other Campers around under decks.

I have an OT camper. It was a pond boat that was being sold due to a divorce. The boat has some stem wear and all the wood was rotten. Some quick work and free wood from the barn turned it into a solo beater boat that I use for river clean ups. Paid $250.

I would put a price tag of $7-800 on the boat and see if the neighbor bites. Maybe he doesn’t know the value?


OT Camper in Wisconsin

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In Royalex, excellent condition, $625.00.
Included in sale price: 2 wooden paddles, and drop in 3rd seat. Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

In Royalex, excellent condition, $600.00.
Minneapolis, Minnesota area.


it must be nice to be in New England
and have such a great supply of used canoes.

My cousin in Maryland had been looking on CL for a while to upgrade from his heavy OT Disco to a Camper for years, but couldn’t find and affordable one in his area. I think he’s moved on to kayaks now, but if he starts looking for a Camper again, I’ll tell him to head up to Maine to find one on the cheep.