pricing a used canoe for sale

I received a free used canoe/trailer/motor/ and motor stand and now I am looking to sell and have no idea how to price. Hoping someone here can assist. It is:

Old Town 16ft fiberglass flat back canoe in very nice shape-green with simple wooden seats.

2.7 cruise n carry motor

motor stand

Balko canoe trailer in decent shape- but a little worn.

I am located in WI. Thanks!

Check on ebay and craigslist…
for packages similar to what you have.

Search for an outboard motor board

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There's not much interest in outboard motors among the people here. However, there are a lot of people out there who collect old outboards who would know about the value of small and off-brand models. There's probably a message board devoted to that topic somewhere.

$100.00 and free shipping should do it !
I won’t bother you with stupid questions nor a test paddle either.

include earplugs

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with that "cruise and carry" and you might sell it. Air cooled noisy as all get-out as I recall in a few anchorages. Direct drive,loud as an F-15 going vertical. Irritating motor.