Pricing a Used Navarro Legacy

I have a Navarro Legacy canoe, a trim 13 feet in length, 36 1/2" wide, bought about 15 years ago when REI still carried them, then costing $1200.00. Moved soon after purchase to location where it turns water is difficult to access and full of commercial traffic, but held onto it, hoping against hope. It’s a bit scuffed on the outside; ash-wood strips that run the length of craft and keep seats, etc. in place deteriorated. Have rough estimate on repair. Asking $300.00.

Why not?
Why not post a free ad in the pnet classifieds, instead of posting an ad in one of the forums?


Should sell easily at that price.
If it’s presentable, I mean. Resale in that style of canoe is more about appearance than performance, IME, but just about anything not ugly that floats can bring about $300 if the timing is right.

I had one several years ago just like it (same exact model) that was in excellent shape with few scratches on the bottom. I paid $500 for it and sold it locally on CL a couple (?) years later for $500.