Pricing for a Eddyline San Juan Grand (Tandem) Kayak

I have a Eddyline San Juan Grand Touring Kayak that I need to sale. Information on this discontinued kayak is below. I am trying to decide on the sale price. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Eddyline Grand Touring triple in excellent shape. This boat was rarely used and has been stored inside all its life. Great for lake paddling two adults and with a couple of small kids in the center cockpit or sea kayaking and camping. Model is no longer available from Eddyline.

San Juan
Length- 20’
Beam- 32"
Cockpit- 35" x 17"
Weight- 95lbs
Volume- 25.4 cu ft
Capacity- 750lbs
Hull Material-Fiberglass

If you bought it new or know what it was new, I’d start by considering a price of between 1/3rd and 2/3rd of new. Age and condition set where in this range you might want to go.

The condition you describe would move it up in the range, but being from when Eddyline used Fiberglass means it is an old boat.

Triples are hard to come by, but also not in demand. Could mean you find a buyer right away who will pay top dollar, or it sits on the market for months.


An internet search may turn up a few comparable sales as a guide. Generally speaking, 50% of MSRP tends to be a pretty good rule of thumb (San Juan was $1695 in 1986), but demand for big, older tandems might be spotty and somewhat dependent on your location.

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Thanks! I called Eddyline and they told me the price of the boat when new so I will start with that information and your advice.

year is?

probably at least 23 years old.

dated rigging and appearance.

Current Designs Libra XT 22’ MY 2000

I paid 900. It was just discontinued this year. It was in excellent shape.

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The boat was built in 2000.

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5-600 grab it.

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I love that boat

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Hi Ilka, you still have this Kayak? where it’s located? Thank you