Pricing for Kayak

I am looking at buying a used 1994 Aquaterra Keowee kayak. Features:compact,stable design, roomy cokpit, seat with cupholder, grab loops, molded flotation length 9’2’ weight 38 lbs. I can not find any information anywhere abuot what would be a fair price to pay. The owner has offered this up for $200 including the paddle and skirt. Is this a fair price? I am a total novice obviously. Thanks.

What condition is it in?If it is in good
shape that is reasonable.Good shape- scratches are OK as long as they aren’t deep , no holes, no major hull deformation. Has it been left out in the sun?If so, it will be faded and could be brittle.

fair- yes

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tho as stated the plastic IS 15 years old. offer $150. The Keowee is a classic and the one REC boat that put Perception/ Aquaterra in the REC boat world.


for comparison
New kayaks from reputable manufacturers in the 9 ft range are around $300-$400. I’d say $200 including a paddle and skirt is a fair price. Although if the paddle and skirt are 15 yrs old too they may need to be replaced.

If he is paying you … it’s a good deal
16 year old plastic boat – check it for cracking and brittle areas… it may be junk.

No, it is not a fair price
We have two of them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the grandchildren use them, and we use them in white water, I would give them away to a new newbie.

I am quite sure we paid $290 for them.

You can get a equal brand new kayak that is very similar at most of the big box stores for around $300



I agree with flatpick
Offer $150, and even if he doesn’t budge, if it’s solid, no big scratches, not brittle, and it gets you on the water, $200 for a complete setup is about as good as you’ll find.