pricing question

I have a spare Kokatat drysuit that i’m thinking about selling, but i really don’t know what to ask for it. It’s an older model (non-breathable, no piss-zip, no booties) but in good shape with newer gaskets. I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to sell or if i should just keep it as a spare. What would you ask for it if you were me?

Put it on ebay. Should be able to get $200, possibly more for it there.

Definitely keep it. I’m wondering
what size yours is and how much do you want for it because I sure did miss my drysuit the last time I had to send it in for a repair.

size medium. i’m thinking that unless i can get at least $250, i’m probably gonna keep it. if used drysuits in the classifies here are $400-$500 (granted breathable), it should be worth at least that. still keeps you dry and warm. I put around $80 into all new gaskets for it not long ago.

Put it on ebay
Start price of $275. See what happens. If it does not sell, you are out about $5 for the listing fee.

Kokotat Goretex drysuit $400 from EMS
in Annapolis.

I wouldn’t pay over $100 for a used non-breathable bare bones dry suit. It’s better as a spare unless you need money badly.

Afriend of mine
(yes I do have a couple) recently bought a NEW breathable Kokotat, no booties, no relief zip on sale for $349 so I think it is unreasonable to expect $250, doubt if you can get $100.

Look at Ebay completed auctions
If you look at the completed Ebay auctions and can find similar items that have sold you can see what prices they are currently going for. Then you can decide whether that is enough.