pricing used canoes--where to list?

I want to sell 2 canoes purchased new in 2006. I don’t want to break any rules here. I’m just wondering what sites/forums I could go to to get help pricing my canoes and listing them.

Thank you in advance!

List 'em here
Hit the classified button along the top and list them there.


pricing used canoes–where to list?
Thanks, PGEORG, but I need help pricing them, too.

I have a 2006 Bell Northwind Royalex 16’ and a 2006

Mad River Explorer TT 16’.

Any ideas what to ask?

Where are you located?
I’m in IL and might be interested in that Northwind.

I don’t have input on the pricing.

Where are you located?
Wahoo, Nebraska–close to both Omaha and Lincoln

that would be a bit of a trip for me, unless I could arrange for someone else to transport.

Pricing Depends Upon Condition…
…and material. The polyethylene boats like the Mad River TT’s are heavy and prone to warping plus initial cost is cheaper than most. I see poly Mad River TT’s on Craigslist et al in the $400-600 range. But don’t “Low ball” yourself, you can always come down a little.

The Bell Northwind in royalex is a nice hull (I owned one) and if in good condition I’d probably list it a little above the 1K mark, more with wood gunwales. If it has a lot of bumps, bruises, and scrapes (as mine did when I sold it) probably the $800 range, and definitely no less than $700. Royalex boats are no longer made, so many folks are looking for some of the better royalex boats, of which the Northwind is one.

Hope that helps?

Your location could work against you since you’re not really in the middle of canoe country. You might still find enough interested buyers to get a decent price but on the average those would move faster and for more money in the Minneapolis area.


Thanks for your help!
Thank you all for your help.

I’ve had many inquiries from my Facebook BST and Craigslist listings, but alas, no sales yet.

But anyway, thank you for all your help!