Prijon, 2 people in a 1 person yak?


I have a feeling I’m going to get jumped at on this, but I’ll ask anyway.

I’m completely new to kayaking, I will buy a Prijon kayak in a couple of weeks to use in Malta (open calm summer sea). I’ve got two questions:

First is Prijon related : I’ve read that Prijon kayaks are very good, I was initially thinking of buying the the Marlin but tried it and felt that the wave controlled the boat when in sure. So I’m thinking of the SeaYak - The dealer suggested the Marlin anyway - What would you go for?

I’ll host a lot of people back home and was wondering if it is possible to give a 30min ride to someone in the back hatch (bum on deck, legs in hatch)? This is where I expect the pounding… :slight_smile:



Very, Very, Dumb

Try it
If you can manage to paddle upright with someone sitting on the deck, you are better than 99.8% of the paddlers on this board. On the other hand, you might stay upright for a few seconds…


id just
convice freind to get a kayak to or get a 2 seater

Told you I’ll get pounded!
Ok, Thanks for your answers guys. I’ve only been in a kayak (the Marlin) for 3 hours… I’m just asking.

Forget that part of the post, does anyone know about Prijon Marlin and Seayak?

Thanks again

user reviews of both
This blogger paddled both the Seayak and Marlin and reports on them (look at his list on the left to click on the review of the Marlin a few days before.)

He describes both boats as having overly spacious (wide and deep) cockpits for his comfort and control. If you aren’t a bigger guy, that might be something to keep in mind.

what are your options?
Considering your location, what are your selections in brands available there? Prijons are top-notch boats – what else have you looked at? I’ve been impressed with the quality and design of the UK-made Venture line of rotomold plastic kayaks (from premium Brit kayak makers P & H) which might be available in your area. Their Easky series has models comparable to those Prijons and with similar fittings and finishes but somewhat lighter weight and 15% lower prices.

I’ve got an Easky 15LV with dimensions very close to those of the Seayak and it paddles fast and true and surfs nicely yet is 16 pounds lighter than the Prijon. Naturally, if you were going to take the kayak on extensive rough water tours, the Prijon is no doubt tougher and the hatches look to be more bombproof, but for the recreational usage you describe, a lighter (and cheaper) boat with similar handling characteristics might have some advantages.

Actually, I got mine on sale for $750. If you could find a similar deal, you could get two (one for you and one for the guests) for the price of either Prijon. “Two-up” problem solved!

PS. You MIGHT be able to ride a passenger piggy back if you could build some sort of sturdy outrigger system on a single boat, say out of PVC pipes. But it wouldn’t be much fun for either of you. Imagine trying to ride a bicycle with someone standing on your rear bumper and you get the picture.

Piggy back
Paddling with someone sitting on your back deck is good practice for bracing, but it’s not quite the relaxing scenic tour that your guests (and you) will probably be expecting.

Basically the short answer is no, you can’t carry a passenger for fun. But you can do it for good bracing practice, or for some rescues. Just be ready to get wet!

(By the way, you’ll want to keep the front and rear hatch closed whenever you’re on the water. Those watertight compartments are what keep kayaks afloat! So only put someone’s feet inside the stern compartment if you can fit the rest of him in there too. Make it a quick trip though - not much air back there!)