Prijon Barracuda-6/03 Sea Kayaker Review

Can anyone post or send me this review? I’d really appreciate it.

don’t have the review…

…but I own a Barracuda if you have questions.

I love it.

From my perspective it is a great boat in certain conditions. Lakes, rivers, bays in normal flatish conditions it shines. It has a nice " glide" feeling. Sort of like waxed skiis versus scaled skiis.

however the more the water gets stirred up the more uncomfortable I get. In these situations I think I need a slightly smaller boat with more rocker. Of course I am not that good a paddler. The cuda is fast and tht is fun.

Hope this helps.


…the faster you go, the more stable you are. If any conditions hamper your forward speed, it becomes less stable.

But there are times when it doesn’t even seem to touch the water.

I love mine.

I agree with both posters.
SOmeone was kind enough to email me the scanned review when I asked about this boat in 2006. That someone must now be gone from Pnet.

I sure like the Cuda. It demands flatter water, however, as poleplant stated. I am an intermediate kayaker, and it is a bucking bitch in the soup. Other 21 inch beamed boats, like my Nordkapp RM, are mcuh more tame on unstable water. Much.

Funny, when I was leanring the Cuda, I had little to copmpare it to, and when I complained on Pnet, most said “seat time, seta time”. Although theri advice is correct, I now know that the shallow-v hull of the Cuda is very unstable, and it is not just me. It truly is.

That said, I adore the boat. It is fast There is no faster plastic pussycat, with the possible exception–and this is yet unproven–of the Valley Rapier RM, new for 2008.


If I were using the boat mainly on large and sometime unpredictable waters (ocean, Great Lakes, et cetera), I personally would use my Aquanuat or Nordkapp.

If I was paddling–as I do personally most times here in the midwest–mid sized lakes and flatwater, I prefer the Cuda. It does glide, as rroberts states.