Prijon Calabria

I own a Prijon Calabria and would like to load it up for some kayak camping. Unforunately, it only has a bulkhead in the back. There is a flotation bag in the front.

I know that if I load up the whole back, it will be way “out of balance.”

Has anyone ever set up dry bags in the front for more storage and flotation. I am looking for good ideas to get more camping use out of my boat.

Thanks in advance.

I too own a Prijon Calabria

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I don't have the foggiest notion how to answer your question, but it sure is a cool boat, isn't it.

Best Of Both Worlds
Stow Float Bags will suit both thye needs for storage and flotation.

If you are serious about camping often…
…you could add a waterproof bulkhead up front and a dry hatch… there are kits. I think I’d do as you say and use the dry bags. Plus of course you could add more deck lines which is something I am going to do to my Prijon Calabria this springtime: I think the one bungee net setup in front is very underwhelming for storage, and a few holes and more bungee will help (eg spare paddle). I have drilled into the Calabria to add the Prijon rudder kit and that HTP plastic cuts like butter with a new drill bit. :slight_smile:

Mariner Large Dry Bag Option?
Mariner used to make large sized,pointed dry bags that doubled as floatation that fit in to the ends of the boat. They had several sizes and post dimensions on their website (which is still up). Since they have stopped building boats, I am not sure if they have stopped making their accessories available.

Contact phone number is at

If the dimensions work and they still have them, it may be worth looking in to a single large dry bag, as opposed to several small ones.