Prijon Capri II Advice?

-- Last Updated: Feb-23-08 6:05 PM EST --

I've got a line on a used Prijon Capri II tandem kayak that I'm thinking about. I've got a Necky Manitou II on order, but the Capri II seems like a good deal. My wife and I are novices, looking to paddle around the Keys and Edisto Island on vacation, CALM days on Lake Michigan (I'm VERY familiar with those waters...)and just general day touring.

There aren't any reviews of the Capri II on this site, but hopefully someone might have an educated opinion.

TIA and cheers!

Do I Need A Rudder?
The used one for sale doesn’t have a rudder. I know I can get one for $200, but would that really be necessary for our intended use?



I do not know the Capri II
But as an owner of two Capris, I prefer two boats and tow line when wanting to tandem. The issue with the Necky and the Capri II are paddle bang, and weight of boat; easier to move two singles indepedently to the water than one tandem. Tow lines work much better than people think.

All that said, if you plan to use it actively for years, a longer tandem might be better for you.

The CapriI is an exceptional boat, with blow molded German plastic and much better made than the softer, rotomolded Necky. So, if you have to get one, the Capri is excellent. The single is better with a rudder in very windy conditions, yes.