Prijon Capri Tour question

Where on that boat do you store your spare paddle. It doesn’t look like there is any deck cordage to hold it down.

Easy To Install Your Own
deck lines/bungees, etc. Most folks do some customization to accommodate their gear. You can purchase bungees and fittings from different on line retailers like CLC, NewFound, etc. These can be installed with bolts/nuts and/or rivets. The first is better choice if you can reach inside the hull. Otherwise not choice but blind rivets.


Capri Tour
Hi Paddlelite: I have 2 Capri Tours. I agree with sing, if you want to store on deck for deep water capsizes or paddle loss, I would install deck lines behind the cockpit and off to the side of the dry hatch. I personally just put my spare paddle, two piece, in the dry hatch.


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down the line into the future, you may want to carry the spare on the back deck so you can reach back and access. In rougher conditions, you can get primary paddle stripped and capsized. Pracice accessing half paddle from rear and rolling back up. You can then retrieve the stripped paddle, or grab the other half and put it together for a full paddle.

I strongly believe a spare paddle is one of the few things that one SHOULD keep on the deck, as opposed to some of things I see cluttering the deck for no purpose except to lose by a rogue breaking wave.


YOu getting a Capri for Texas paddlin?

Question for me I reckon? Yes, I am wanting too but am having trouble getting off my rear and purchasing. Another guy in Texas highly recommends it.

Good for you. The Texas guy is very smart. See p-net reviews. Stellar boat.