Prijon Catalina 15'

Ok I think I have my Kayak. I recently got a response from the seller and it is located only minutes from me. Going to see it tomorrow night as the seller is currently not home now.

It is a bit scratched up, but I don’t care, price is right, it’s a full touring kayak and even though it is geared torwards smaller people, larger people have claimed it fits fine for them also. I’m about a medium, average build, 5’7" and 180 pounds(losing weight I might add) so I don’t think fit will be a problem for me. It has a rudder too.

On some quick research I find out it is a pretty aggresive hull that you can build skills in and initial stability is fair and secondary is great. Narrow hull at 22 inches, fast accelerating and fast. Weighs 49 pounds.

They want 445 dollars

I have a good feeling about this one and hope to get to it before it is sold. I am getting tired of being beat to it.

I’ll give it a quick sit in and if it feels ok and I am not totally cramped up in it I’ll give it a good look down the hull to make sure it is straight. Then I’ll buy it. Don’t care how faded or scratched up it is… I’ll paint it or something if it is to crappy looking.

Please wish me luck! I want to be on the water so badly!

And thanks for the help!

nice boat
Good deal if it is in decent shape and not oil-canned.

No, you do not need to paint it. You’ll get used to the color and it’s actually one of the safer ones to have for visibility. I’ve owned 4 red kayaks and actually like that color a lot. Not too dark, not too light.

Good kayaks
Prijons, while lesser known, are supposed to be really good kayaks. Good luck!

I hope so
Owner says it’s at a gated community ATM(Summer home) and is going up Sunday to bring it back to Syracuse, where I am supposed to go look at it. So it’s looking like Sunday is when I will see it, ughhh I asked her to please let me look at it first before anyone. She had no idea how many would be calling about it already.

Apparently the Catalina is a smaller persons boat, but I keep reading that medium to larger people also can fit in it. I regard myself as a smaller person to medium, not at all large at 5’7" and 180(and decreasing) pounds. I just hope that it isn’t that cramped. She also told me it is a very narrow boat and very fast, with a rudder that she used a lot. It’s also only 44 pounds for a plastic boat at 15 feet long.

It will be a great starter boat if I truly fit inside it…I really really hope.

Found myself kicking rocks last night on the shore, because it is frustrating to be NOT ON THE WATER while summer slips fastly away. I picked the wrong time to start buying used kayaks.

If I don’t get this one, then I’m going right to Dicks and getting that 12 foot Kestrel 120 brand new. It will be good enough at this point.

Buying new
If you are willing to buy new go to oak orchard near Rochester. Tons of current design, lots of sales on last years stock. I bought the kestrel 120 there, wish I bought the 140 , visions on sale too. About an hour and change away, and they have try before you buy, really worth the trip, there is nothing like taking a few boats out for the afternoon before making a decision and spending some cash. Just trying to help you skip my mistakes.

After this year
After this season I will be buying new, or very close to new.

For now I just want to get this Prijon home and get out paddling.