Prijon Combi

Does anyone own the Prijon Combi, I sat in one the other day,and it had a good feel on dry land, the supplier is now closed until April.

Looking for something smaller for some of the quicker and smaller rivers here in Michigan.

  1. I will take this for a spin in the spring
  2. How does it compare to the manitou.
  3. Please add any information as to the performance of the combi. thanks


Prijon Combi
I do not own this boat but I have paddled it and I am still considering buying it. I would use it for the same type of paddling that you stated. I find this boat to be very comfortable to paddle (6’2”, 210#) and very maneuverable. I had no problems keeping it tracking but it does require attention and good paddling technique. I would get the optional detachable skeg (~ $60) and use it for open water when I wanted to go straight from point A to point B. This boat appears to be very well built and very tough. My research and talking with folks who own the boat confirm this. I paddle wood boats that I build myself but there are places that I want to go that would just be too hard on my wood boats. This boat would fill that requirement nicely. I tried to buy one on Ebay a couple of months ago but got outbid. Still looking.

Good luck;


this was another one that I
think I want someday.