Prijon dealers on Long Island?

I Live on Long Island and am looking for any local dealers that might carry the Prijon Kodiak. I see on the website that the closest one listed is in New Jersey. I’ll go there if there is no other choice unless there is someone from Long Island that has one that they might let me check out and possibly paddle. I am also going to test out some other kayaks that I can try at some local dealers. Any help would be appreciated.

try this… they are the US Prijon folks.

Go to the contact section and send them some email.

Please note that Prijon will – if you buy from their website --send you a Kodiak by shipping to your door. Although approx $120, you do not pay any sales tax. Just a thought once you test one. Renata Chulmsky (see separate forum) is paddling a Prijon Kodiak for her 11,000 mile circumnavigation of the USA, many pics on her website that show the Kodiak in action on big seas. A super vessel.

Tough One
Here’s some places in the area to try as they carried them at one time: Glacier Bay Sports (LI), The Small Boat Shop (Norwalk Ct), Outdoor Sports (Wilton, Ct). I remember that there was a dealer in Clifton NJ somewhere (I forget their name) and of course, Jersey Paddler in Brick NJ, which is almost worth the long trip for the amazing amount of demo-able boats available (NOTE: their last demo run to the pond is around 3pm).

Oh, also, Manhattan Kayak used to use Prijons for there tours. They don’t sell, but a tour could be fun and really get to try the boat.

Good Luck…Lou

I talked to a sales rep and he said that a place in Port Washington Long Island may become a dealer but wouldn’t have inventory until the spring. I talked to the people over at Manhattan Kayak. I might just do one of their tours to try the Kodiak out.

Let me know…
…what you think.


– Last Updated: Oct-02-05 11:51 AM EST – the tour, and in one test, you will love that Kodiak, I would wager. Everyone does. The German engineering is second to none. The HTP plastic is so firm and rigid (like a rotomolded yak on Viagra -- honestly, once you see the material, it will make even the most popular other brands such as Perception, Wilderness Systems plastic yaks seem like they were made form melted yogurt cups, and you will stick with your intuiton and forget all about the fickle composite option. My dad was testing my boats for feel in teh driveway... he sat in each of my Prijons for size (no, rrroberts, I have not received my Barracuda just yet--but ordered), and even a simple exercise like that --if I had to worry about gelcoats and kevlar--I would not have done (not-at least-on the drivway). Fickle as a pickle.

At the site mentioned above, secure phone number and ask for Ivana (email or her husband landis (, they are the CFO and CEO respectively of Prijon USA and yet they are super cool, often answer the phones themselves out of the Boulder office, and know all about all of the boats. They will take you call. Once you know you want it, you can search used online (eBay now, as stated to you in the other forum), or you can order from them for minimal shipping and no sales tax (as huge savings in your neck 'o the woods).