Prijon Fly foot peg/braces?

Hello Everyone,

Have an older Prijon Fly that I picked up for cheap but it’s missing the foot peg/braces. Bolts and nuts are there to connect them. I am having a hard time finding Prijon factory foot peg/braces. Anyone have suggestions for other types of foot systems or know how to get a hold of some for the Prijon Fly.

Any help will be appreciated!



I ordered through my local dealer
jackson tracks, and pegs for my touring boat- interestingly jackson didn’t include the hardware- bought it at lowes- have yet to install it in my lochsa sport, a winter project. I’m hoping the holes match up but they probably won’t.

The only time I paddled a Prijon Fly was last century so I don’t remember the foot rest but a basic aftermarket set should do. One of the most common is Keepers

ROK watersports recently ordered Prijon parts from Germany for me. Shipping was expensive, but the part cost was very reasonable. Boulder Outdoor Center used to carry Prijon parts, but I have not checked in a long while.