Prijon Hatch Leaks Badly

I have a Prijon Cruiser with a hatch that leaks a gallon of water just playing in class II. I was wondering if there was suposta be a “inside cover” that went on before the hard plastic cover. All that holds the hard plastic cover on is a criss-cross of shock cord. Thanks Dennis

their catalog says
the Cruiser has a “simplified COMPRESSION HATCH which does not use a neoprene hatch cover.”

you might try this test and see if it is leaking in the same way:

You might want to make a call to the disributor, Wildwasser. They were helpful with a leaking hatch cover on my Combi last year. Turns out mine was missing a gasket and I formed a replacement with weather stripping from the local hardware store. No more leaks.

Scary Video clip
Looks like he has good reason to be unhappy with the kayak. That piece of crap should be replaced not repaired with glue.

Thanks Everybody, I’ll follow-up and
report back in a day or so.

just by chance,
happened upon this article, might provide some tips:

Thanks Sap, I noticed in every case that
the gasket is on the boat, mine is on the cover… hmmmm.

I noticed that the whole back deck is
flexing. I could never get the hatch cover to seal no matter how many seals I added. I’ll have to devise some kind of “plate” that goes underneath the opening and then “levers” to the cover. That will make the cover and the plate seal on the rim independent of the back deck. Thanks again for the posts, they made me take a fresh look at the problem.