Prijon hull numbers

I just picked up a used Prijon Kodiak. The only hull numbers I can find are four on the rear deck behind the cockpit. The last digit is 1. Does that mean it’s a 2001? It’s a pre-2005/2006 model w/o the deck box. Thanks.

Look at the stern
The deck plate is the German #'s (for paddling in Germany? Dunno) but in the states there should be a series of numbers and letters on the stern probably etched in.

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None there
That’s the first place I looked. Nothing.

I own 4 prijons…
…and that’s were it was. Looked like it was put in with a hand engraving tool.

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Found em

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Landis at Wildnet said the numbers should be next to the mounting plate for the aft handle. Sure enough. These are engraved VERY lightly. If I didn't now the prefix is WOZ, I would never had been able to tell. Thanks.