Prijon in USA

I attended Paddlesports 2013 this past wknd and was surprised not to see Prijon represented there. Upon returning home I e-mailed someone who might have known why and was told that Prijon is now trying to sell to dealers direct from Germany. The Wildnet website barely works (as always) and the Dealer info link is not working. Anyone here have any better info on what’s up with Prijon in this country? Thanks

I have a Prijon, purchased in New York
from The River Connection in Hyde Park. There’s also a dealer in Wilkes Barre, PA who sold them. Check the Gear Guide tab above and go down to Dealers, by State.

If you want a Prijon Cruiser, you can have mine for $500 delivered!

Try asking Delsyk


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1st ...ditto on the web site not working properly didn't work well 2 yrs ago when i was looking for parts, which btw,, any replacement parts you might need have to come straight from Germany. I waited 2 months for a replacement seatback for my SeaYak. 2nd FYI...I was told by many boats dealers the markup/profit on Prijon's was small compared to other manufactures,and the initial cost of buying a Prijon is high, hence..why so few dealers carry Prijon. There was only 2 dealers in New York State that i knew off. 1 went OOB last year and the other one is near Buffalo, NY.( Tonowanda? ) The Eastern USA HQ for Prijon was in Pennsylvania someplace , at least 2 yrs ago anyways.