Prijon Interceptor

I just purchased an old kayak. It was advertised as Prijon interceptor II. 19’2" long. It is only 14’9" long. It has Prijon design label on it and HiPP industrial…Mithril kayak on it. Looking for any kind of info please.

Thank You, Leslie

Downriver racer
The Interceptor is an old downriver racing kayak.

Not really the best choice for a first kayak.

Not a first kayak
I know it is a down river racer. I was trying to find out who the designer was, or any pics of one to see if it is what I have. I assume Tony Prijon designed it but it was built by Mithril kayaks. I cant find any info on the kayak. I have found tiny bits and pieces from old classifieds. It also is not my 1st kayak. Purchased it for a fun race between kayak clubs:) Thanks for the response though.

If it’s 19 feet long, what class would
it race in? Downriver whitewater kayaks, c-1s, and c-2s are much shorter.

It’s not 19 feet
It’s 14’ 9", advertised as 19 feet incorrectly.

A bit more on HiPP

Thank s for the info
Yes. it was advertised as 19’2", but it is 14’9" long. The race is just a fun race. No restrictions really.

Might be a real find. Today’s downriver
racers are aesthetically rather ugly, and have traded general river controlability for more speed. If you’re lucky, that old boat may be fast, and non-treacherous too.

HIPP used to make fast ww cruisers as part of their non-racing line. They had a fast 13’ 2" kayak in their line that was not legal for any downriver class, but was just for fast cruising. Kind of like the Cheta offered by PS Composites.

Looks like an old school Cobra eliminato
It is shaped like a racer for sure. Needs a little patching before I can put it on the water. I would put a pic on here but do not know how to.

If you have a photo hosting service
like Flickr, you can provide a link in a post so that we can click on the link and see the picture.

On some forums, one can put pictures directly in posts, but pnet only allows that for those with special membership status.

I just found one of these, too. A Prijon Interceptor. Very similar to the Phoenix Match II.