Prijon invader light

I just got a smoking deal on a 96’ PRIJON INVADER LIGHT.
Some guy had it on his balcony and the apartment complex said nope, get rid of it or move out!
It’s red but sun faded to pink.
It has markings that say made in Germany with a 5 digit number.
When I started rejuvenating the plastic with a heat gun I found the HID next to the back handle and actually melted the 3 Mfg ID letters but was able to see them before they disappeared.
I used my engraver to make the HID stand out a little better.

This is just getting it home

This is what it looks like while rejuvenating it with a heat gun.
I’m going to pair it with my red HORIZON HYDRA as a HIS n Hers package deal

Where’d you find info on rejuvenating your Prijon? I’m new to seayaks but picked a Prijon Kodiak up for $150