Prijon kayak

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I am currenty debating over buying a used prijon kodiak kayak. Every thing is great about the kayak but im not sure if I am the right size for it. I am 5'6" and 140 pound. If you know about or own one of these kayaks plese tell me your opinion.

probably want a smaller boat

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Based on what I see on the Prijon website and my previous experience with another Prijon boat (a Barracuda), I think you'd probably be happier in a smaller boat. I was comfortable in the Barracuda at 225 lbs., and the Kodiak is an even bigger boat.

It’s Way Too Much Volume

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I think it's carrying capacity maxes out over 400 pounds.

thomas5, I own four Prijons

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I am 5 foot 8.5 inches and 170lbs (I put on some winter weight). I think the Kodiak is boat for a larger paddler. I believe that it is superb for expeditions, and although you could custom fit the cockpit with minicell and get a reasonable fit for your frame, I think the Catalina (one is for sale in Texas right now on pnet, and I have seen the photos and it is gorgeous, and red and shippable as the seller is looking intop shipping) at 49 lbs, 15.3 feet, would be better option for you. The beam is 21.75 inches, so it is a fast boat. The Prijon Motion is the boat if you seek relative stability at 23 inch beam, or a Calabria at 25 inches if you want a fast rec boat for photography, etc. All depends what you want it for and what type of paddling conditions. There is a Prijon post on here with the current catalogue linked (you can see that the Kodiak has been restyled for 2006). Ask if any other questions, and perhaps other pnetters with have more advice. I basically agree with c2g and kudzu.

Thank you
I also think now that the kodiak is to big for what I need. The Prijon Catalina and motion looks very nice though. I think I will research a little more into these. Thank you for the great response!

Don’t get fixated on a brand or class
of kayak. Being in Washington, you should have easy access to lots of kayak shops and clubs. Try lots of boats and paddles.

Kodiak is a boat for a big guy
I’m 6’ and 230 and the prijon was an ideal fit for me. I’m thinkin you’d swim in the boat.