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Hi, i purchased a prijon kayak , new, and when i picked it up i noticed that there were 1/8" deep groves up the front and rear sides, about mid line on the mold. There were areas that were ground down smooth, which is acceptable. the grooves are not.
I bought the yukon expedition, with rudder and skirt.
Thanks, George

Update: Prijon, And Wildwasser have agreed and are sending a new replacement. Thanks!!!

Possible Blem

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I have several prijon boats. They all have seams from the roto molding process. I think as long as they are watertight and don't show any lack of color or bubbles you should be OK. I have had an Expedition for 10 years that I paddle just about every day. There are no leaks in any of the bulkheads or the hull. I don't use the rudder a lot because I find the controls slighly temperamental and easily mucked up when paddling in muddy or sandy areas.

Big Mac

I think you should sell it to me. I’ll
put up with that wreck of a boat.

rredheads, I have owned about 7 Prijons

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... and none have had the issue you mention, if I understand it right (photos on Webshots or such would be helpful). The Prijons, as prior poster has stated, have a raised seam all the way down the middle top, bow to stern, but not an indented or sunken seam. I have never seen any grooves, lines etc. on the sides, as you describe.

I would decide: if it is liveable, seaworthy, then it is a blem and you should get a couple hundred dollars off. If it is of serious concern, you should retrun it and order another Prijon. They are very fine boats.


If you
are questioning the compitance of the dealer to give you a truthfull answer. Write an e-mail to Prijion and send them a picture with an explaination of your issue. See what they have to say. I own a Seayak and am very happy with the boat. One of the toughist plastics I have seen on the market. But as was said above. The seems are usually sticking out not in.

Good Journey’s


hang on. be patient.

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I passed the link to your original post to the
customer support guys at prijon (

I've bought several prijons and talked several
friends into buying them.

This doesn't sound right.

Without seeing it

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I would guess it is normal. They shave off the seam with a sureform and sometimes left with groves. Don't expect the surface of a Prijon as smooth and shining as that of a rotomold boat. I smoothed out a grove I made by sweeping over it with a torch (suggested by Landis Arnold). You might want to try that - at your own risk.

prijon boats
I would have thought would have been filled at the factory before or after sanding the original seam.

I was under the impression that a blow molded boat wouldn’t have those pinch area’s to grind off. I am wrong alot. Ha.

I paddled 10 miles in it today , and feel it is a nice boat, as expected from the reviews i have read. structurally sound, just not too pretty.

Thanks for all your help. George

They’re pretty. In a Raggedy Ann way.

Cooldoc is right
Photos would be helpful. Shipping scratches? While not unheard of, they should be very minor. And the grooves don’t sound like a 1st quality Prijon.

Hopefully, rroberts will get an answer for you from Landis. They’re buds. Landis seems like a pretty good guy.

Good luck.


prijon kayak
how do i post pics on the message board?? George

Free. Click, sign up, upload, post pics

couldnt you just
repair it yourself with a hot glue gun??