Prijon Kodiak and Touryak

Our Vancouver Prijon dealer will be selling the Touryak next spring.Here is my question: Is the Touryak the same boat as the Kodiak but in a smaller size(it appears so by looking at Prijon catalog). Any info on this will be appreciated.

Step down from the Seayak
It’s the next step down from the seayak it appears. The Touryak is nearly a foot shorter, and a half inch wider than the Seayak. It is more comparable to the Seayak with it’s width as the Kodiak although longer is more narrow than even the Seayak. Here is the link just in case you haven’t seen it. Although the numbers are great, there is no substitute for trying it out before you buy. I am very pleased with my Seayaks.

The Touryak is a nice boat…
…I demo’d one and it was close to a toss up

between it and the Barracuda.

Settled on the Barracuda, but in reality the Touryak would have been more practical for my

purposes. It most certainly deserves a demo.

But that Barracuda is one fine boat.

renato, you are onto something.

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I am proud of you for getting a Prijon. They sell much less frequently here than in Europe (see Prijon topic still discussion forum now, about page 4). It amazes me that people post all the time about the heavily advertised much inferior plastic boats by big names in the industry, and the venerable Prijon is the best and fastest plastic yak made. If it works in kayak races in Europe, and Renata is paddling one to circumnavigate the USA (see other thread), then it is a fine beast indeed. I own four, and I am not the company president either.

Yes, rroberts, I will beat the Barracuda, I have it stored until water tolerable.

Thank you all
You have given me a useful preview of what the Touryak looks like in comparaison to the Kodiak. I have been waiting for this boat for 3 years and seems that next spring their dealer will finally have it as it is listed in the Mountain Equipment Co-op website. What appeals the most to me is the quality of the plastic. I now have a Carolina 14.6 (1999 model) great boat but soft plastic, it oilcans frequently. My only concern with the Touryak is the weight (I have a severe heart problem), but its not much heavier than the Carolina wich is 58lbs and I have managed for 6 years without problem.

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with good and safe paddling!!


renato… I know what you mean about the
weight, but should be actually lighter than your rotomolded boat. Do you need the Touryak. If you study the Prijon site at, I think you’ll see the new Motion (with front and back storgae) or the Calabria (with back syorage only) at about 48-50 lbs each and 14.5 feet. Would those fit your needs?

Hi, cooldoctor 1
The reason that I have chosen the Touryak is because it seems to have good initial and secondary stability as I read in an excellent and detailed review on this web. I also read another recent review on Sea Kayaker mag. which rates it very favourable. I did look at the Motion and Calabria but they do not have them at the local dealer since they carry a very limited stock and I would not like to order without trying the boat on the water first. I doubt that I will be able to rent the Touryak from them either, but at least I will be able to look at it at the store when it arrives in the Spring.

I am looking for a boat no longer than 15 feet in order to carry it inside my conversion van, like I do with my Carolina. I am 185lbs, 5feet 9 inches tall and size 11shoes, therefore I think I should feet confortably in the Touryak. What do you think.

Cheers, Renato

YEs Renato
In my opinion ur the ideal size for the Touryak. Although I have never seen on ein person, just on and in the Prijon book, it sure looks nice. I think you’ll be very happy with it. I have a full size GMC conversion van, and never thoght about putting the kayak through it. Hmm. I’ll have to try that witj the 14.5 foot Calabria. You will be very happy with Prijon. I agree, try and buy what you can see. I will look forward to your insights and reviews of the Touryak. Welcome to the Prijon owners club.

Calabria - Touryak
Welcome to the club. I am very happy with my Calabria. I especially like its manuverability and ease of controlling with leaning. I am sure that the Touryak will also be great in that regard.

Well made, rugged and very fun. I just wish the Calabria had front storage. But then it would be a Touryak, I guess.