Prijon Kodiak followup and questions!

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Hey Malone,

I was doing a search (Prijon Kodiak) in old messages and located your posting. I got my Kodiak last season and I'm really enjoying it!! (I'm a larger paddler as well 6'2" 205 lbs.) I wanted to get a boat that was versatile and could handle big open water, and I think I found that with the Kodiak. My experience level is the only limiting factor right now vs. the capability of my boat.

I ordered a back issue of SK mag. (August 2000) as was happy to see that the reviews of the Prijon Kodiak were for the most part pretty favorable. If you or anyone else is interested I would be happy to scan in the pages of this review into my webshots page so that it can be viewed. Just let me know!!

Also, I would love to hear from intermediate-experienced paddlers that have or currently paddle the Kodiak. How does it handle on rougher water? Are you happy with it's performance? Will you take it out in all sorts of water and choppier conditions?

I decided on the plastic version vs. fiberglass as most of my landing areas will be rocky shore (Northshore of Lake Superior) and felt that the HTP material would take a heartier pounding. Also, I've been told that the stiff plastic construction of this boat actually has a performance feel very similiar to it's fiberglass sister. Any comments from experienced folks on this issue??

Didn't mean to be so long winded here, but as a rookie I still am very excited about my new passion and getting back into the cockpit of my yak for a nice long summer season of paddling!!



What can my kodiac do?

It will properly go longer than u want to.

I had my kodiac out in some waves last fall and the boat was alright, and so was i when i got back on the bech. :wink: LOL

You are the on that sets the limit for what the kayak can do.



I love my Kodiac

Good choice.
I’ve paddled the Kodiak a bit and like it. Good choice on the material, it will take a beating and still offer outstanding performance for plastic. I also like the way the footbraces are set up. Enjoy your new boat, it’s a good one.

Really good all around boat.
Tough as nails (one local outfitter had a three year old one up for sale…boat had been all over the place and still looked good)The only two rolls I ever managed (before discovering my back problems + rolling could=paralysis)were in a kodiak…and I nailed both of em (had to be the boat) Stable craft yet easily braced. Wish now I’d bought the one the guy had for sale. Really comfortable boat for a larger guy.

Great boat
I just picked up my Kodiak last weekend and absolutely love it. I would enjoy reading that article in SK Mag, so if you could scan it in and provide the link to your website, it would be greatly appreciated. I highly recommend the this boat to larger paddlers who want decent speed, great cargo capacity, durability, and decent handling. I’m still amazed at how easy it is to edge and turn. I’ve yet to put my rudder down, but am sure the opportunity will arise soon.

Take care and happy paddling,


Hi Joe!
It’s nice to meet another Kodiak owner and a new paddler as well. By the way, I’m a native Floridian (born and raised in Sarasota). I currently live in SE MN and here is where I started my new hobby of sea kayaking. I’m looking forward to doing some coastal areas of Lake Superior this season.

At any rate I will be sure to scan in that Kodiak Review and send you the link so you can see how your new boat rated. I’m sure you’ll be very pleased.

Hey, I’m thinking about getting back to Sarasota this Fall for a quick visit with my parents, maybe if our schedules work we can get together for a day paddle trip.


Prijon Kodiak Review

Thanks Chip

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I'm originally from St. Pete (just north of your hometown). I do a lot of paddling over in the Tampa Bay area and hope to do some trips a bit south (from Sarasota down to the Everglades)... Thanks again for posting the link to the review. I'm looking forward to reading it. Stay warm up there in the Great White North. Hopefully, Spring is just around the corner...

Absolutely...let me know when you'll be in town and we can probably get a good group together for a day of paddling.



Prijon Kodiak
I’ve had my Kodiak for a little over two years, and it’s held up incredibly well. Very suprised with its tracking and speed. I’ve had it in 5-6’ foot swells in the Gulf (I live in Texas), and have also surfed it several times. I only capsized once, and that was in the surf when my beam went to the waves.

My only complaint so far is that the deck pack net has lost its elasticity. Mostly due to the Texas heat. I just replaced it with bungee.

Proved itself again…
It’s great to hear you have had such great luck with your Kodiak. I had mine out in fairly rough seas last weekend fully loaded for a solo three day trip to an island(I packed way too much gear). It performed magically whether going into the wind/seas or away. Even with abeam seas, it was never nervous. I’m sure I’ll be pitched eventually but it will some stupid thing I did. I honestly thought the silly thing would sink when I pushed it into the water after I loaded it up. I weigh 230 and could barely push the thing I had so much gear (and fresh water) in the thing. I wish I would have had access to a scale. I bench 355lbs. and could barely budge the thing. Gee…think I had it overloaded…LOL. The beauty is that when I went out to explore other islands in the area, the boat still handled beautifully and it was completely unloaded. I love the netting on the boat but can easily see how it will stretch out over time. I think I’ll replace it with bungee as well but at times that netting can be really convenient.



RE: Proved itself again…
JoBu, what area do you live/paddle? I haven’t stuffed my hatches quite that full of gear yet, although I have gotten pretty close. When I’m in the Gulf, I tend to take everything but the kitchen sink, as it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with how easily the weather can change.

Congrats on a great boat
I’ve had a glass “rocket” for some time, but wanted something that would haul more for longer trips, and also serve as a cold weather boat when I needed bulletproof stability. I also wanted something I wasn’t afraid to chip on wilderness rivers that had some rocky stretches. I added a plastic boat to the fleet that the manufacturer described as a day tourer. It would haul far more than a day’s worth of cargo, so it could be better described as a recreational tourer. A generous beam ensured stability, as well as capacity and comfort. Then, I made the “mistake” of attending a demo day and tried a Kodiak. Love at first flight. Couldn’t whip out the plastic fast enough. Now I wonder why I have the glass boat at all. The Kodiak accelerates quickly and glides like a champ. It’s very stable and hauls a load. Great boat with the best of Prijon’s features.

Port St. John, FL
Close to Cocoa Beach (Space Shuttle/I Dream of Jeanie). I went south and paddled out to an island off the small town of Grant (at the very southern end of Brevard County). I paddle a lot of rivers in Central Florida (Juniper Springs, Alexander Springs, Silver River, Hillsborough River, etc, etc, etc). I also paddle of in the Tampa Bay area (especially around Ft. DeSoto). In fact, a few of us will be camping up in Alexander Springs from the 13th thru the 16th of May. We plan to do three good paddles over those days. Anyone want to come along???

What about you, sbingham2?? Do you paddle around the panhandle of Florida? My sister is moving to Port St. Joe and I hope to do some paddling up there soon.

Take care,


I know what you mean…Bonneville…
I’ve got a QCC 700 (kevlar)…It’s an amazing boat but I’m afraid it’s a little fragile for a lot of the paddling I like to do. I really hate to get rid of it but I don’t want it to just sit around. I’d rather sell it to someone out there so they could get some enjoyment out of it. It’s a bloody rocket (it feels much quicker than the Kodiak, but that’s just seat of the pants guess). But for me, durability over rocks, oyster beds, etc counts more in the end. I have to get some pics of it and then put it up for sale. It’ll be a sad day when it leaves. It’s less than a year old and has less than a dozen paddles under its belt…