Prijon Kodiak or Perception Sea Lion

I have had a Necky Alsek for several months now. It’s a 14 foot day tourer that I really enjoy. Mainly, I paddle slower rivers, blackwater creeks, marshes, and tighter tributaries. I would like to venture out into some more salt water and open water. Now, one of my good friends wants to get into kayaking with me, and wants me to sell my boat to him. I’m looking at upgrading to a larger, faster boat. There are two used boats for sale here locally for the same price that I have been considering. One is a Perception (Aquaterra) Sea Lion. The other is a Prijon Kodiak. I’m 6 foot, 200 pounds, and I’d like to choose the toughest, most maneuverable and the most stable. I won’t be able to try out either boat. They’re both $650, they’re the same length, basically the same weight, both with rudders and the same features. Which is the better boat in your opinions.

No contest
Hands down the Prijon is a better value. Much better plastic, much better hatches, much better outfitting. Not even close.

Is the Sea LIon composite or plastic?
If it’s fiberglass or kevlar and in good condition, it might be the better value.

If the Sea Lion is plastic, the Kodiak is probably the better choice.

What size are your feet?

Prijon or Sea Lion
i recently bought both a Prijon Seayak and a Sea Lion. On the ones I bought, there is no significant difference in the hatches. I was surprised at how much I liked the Sea Lion. The Prijon Plastic is much better and the rudder activating systems are different. I’d probably go with the Prijon.


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"I'm 6 foot, 200 pounds, and I'd like to choose the toughest, most maneuverable and the most stable," wrote original poster.

Answer: Prijon Kodiak.

No contest: Prijon
I’ve owned both and professionally sold both. The Prijon has a half life of forever. It will out last you. The Sea Lion is already iffy in terms of structural integrity. It is the only boat that ends up with a reverse rocker to it.

They are probably the two fastest platic sea kayaks made. The Prijon has better secondary stability. The Sea lion has a very vague edge, so its secondary stabiloity suffers.

The only thing I don’t like about the Prijon is the height of the cockpit deck, too high for my tastes.

The Prijon will NEVER be worth less than $650. You can paddle it for four years and sell it for $650. Some day, the Sea Lion will not be seaworthy.

prijon kodiak
As a dues paying member of two different boat cults: QCC and Prijon, I would have to say go with the Kodiak.

My first year (2004) racing the Kodiak the boat did a 26.2 mile flat water race in 5 hours. And a 100 mile race in 17 hours on a slow river.

We also have a yellow kodiak that has spent most of 3 years on top of our truck. A little color fading on the deck but no oil canning.

I would use our Kodiaks in the Yukon river race. (if i didn’t have a Q700)