Prijon Kodiak Question

I posted before looking for a good beginner kayak for a shorter, heavier paddler and got some great help. Now I see that there is a used Prijon Kodiak (2004 model) in my area. Asking price is $875.

It got good reviews on this site, but would it be appropriate for a beginner on slow river/lake type of paddling (or is it overkill?)


Go for it…
It’s a nice kayak, kind of big, but it’s a fast paddler and good for big, heavy folks. Take up camping and expeditions.

Pretty Big
You were looking for something easy to load on the car. This is a pretty heavy and long boat for that and for your first kayak. For slow rivers and lakes, mostly day trips, you might like something a bit shorter, lighter, and easier to turn.

I think it is a mistake to look for a “deal” and also to buy based on opinions of others. You really need to get into some demos. Once you decide what you want, you can look for a good deal.

At 5’6", and paddling rivers and lakes, and looking for an easy cartop, I would be cautious.

Buy it and trade
I wouldn’t mind having a longer boat. Where are you located? Buy it and I’ll trade you a Seayak for it.

Just saw that you are a female
I love the Prijon boats - their tupperware is second to none in durability and I love their designs. However, as I tried to squeeze my butt into boat after boat at Rutabaga a few years ago, one of their sales staff (another not tiny female) came up to me and said: “It’s not gonna happen. Prijon boats are designed by German men for skinny little German men’s butts.”

Try before you buy, till you find the one that’s “Just right.” :slight_smile:


Prijon yes.

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Having owned just about every recent model Prijon boat, I can say that the Kodiak is a winner. For fit, you simply need to try it out--on water too if possible-- and see what you think. It is a fast plastic boat with plenty of storage space and a generous cockpit (need Large sprayskirt) that accomodates much more than just German skinny male butts. The Kodiak tracks better than other Prijons due to it's longer water length, and is a high performance plastic sea kayak, used by such expedition paddlers as Jon Turek ("Cold Oceans", "Wake of Jomon" author) and Renata Chlumska, who paddled it for most of her 11 thousand mile trek around the USA. It is very highly stable, much more so than many other kayaks you will see on the waters... and this allows you to move ahead with a strong and dedicated forward stroke (as opposed to the sweeps and braces needed in chop in some thinner boats). The price sure sounds like the least expensive I have ever heard of for that boat.

As for the cartopping, only you can make that call.

Good luck and pleasant paddling to you.

It is my first kayak and…
…I love it. It is a 2004, and I paid a little more for mine used. However, I still think I got a great deal.

I am 5’6", and it seems to fit nicely. As I become more advanced, however, I plan to outfit the cockpit with some minicel. That will give it a tighter fit.

It is heavy loading it on to the top of an SUV. But I am out of shape and manage the job solo and without rollers. Most people will manage once they get a system down.

Maybe a little long for narrower rivers. However, I like the open lakes myself.

Honestly, I think it is a great buy. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.

Just 2 cents from a guy who just bought his a few months ago…

Lakes great. Rivers not so good.

Rock Gardens and Sea Caves
I’ve paddled a heavy loaded Kodiak in Rock Gardens and sea caves in Baja. It’s not the worlds most maneuverable boat, but it’s pretty good. If someone weighs close to 240 they are going to have a hard time finding a boat that performs as well. It should be OK for slow moving rivers, even fun to paddle upstream. If it’s a very narrow river well I would choose something else. It would be at least as good as my 17’ canoe.

When I think of rivers…
…I think of WW.

So, yeah, I 'spect you are more correct in this than I.

…I have a skinny butt!

Who knew???

Wish someone would tell me thise things.

2 Kewl.