Prijon Kodiak seat

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I have an older Kodiak. I like the seat base, but I want to replace the lump of styrofoam that Prijon calls a backrest. Looked at bands by Snap Dragon, IR and NSI. Does any body have any experience replacing Prijon seat backs? Thanks.

I have owned several Prijons
over the years. Still own a Barracuda and a Calabria. I look forward to the days when I can paddle those craft specifically because of the outstanding backrests.

Yes, on a Prijon Kodiak
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Also have changed to backband
I have an '04 Prijon Kodiak. I despised the backrest, so I put in an IR backband (drilled the holes on the top coaming just behind the metal guides for the seat). I then velcroed the seat cushion to the factory seat pan. I did this two years agao, and have been very happy with the results. The boat will feel a bit more responsive as a result, and a bit lighter. More recently, I took out the factory seat altogether, and put in an NDK foam seat. The boat now feels much lighter. It weathercocks a bit now (which I am NOT used to in the Kodiak), but that might be a result of seat placement (which I am still experimenting with). It also now has a bit more of a “play” feel. BTW, I also took off the rudder because I hate rudders, and I used it only four times in all my years with this boat. That further lightened the boat, and made cowboys a much happier experience. I also put in a security loop for locking the boat with a cable (just under the back coaming). For what it’s worth, I have a more recent Prijon Yukon, and in that boat the factory seat is very comfortable.

Kodiak & Seayak
I removed both the foam backs from my boats. Replaced them with IR back bands. Didn’t use most of the hardware included in the kit. I bolted the ratchet strap to the seat where the seat back adjustment cord was looped through. For all the great features Prijon has I can’t make any sense out the seat back design. WTF?