prijon kodiak

I just bought the kodiak yesterday from jersey paddler, it will be here in a week! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a touring spray skirt for it. I will be ordering it online and will not get a chance to test it. On a different note has anyone out there ever rolled one of these bad boys? I thank you in advance for any help. Any tips are welcome.

…you’ll have to decide if you want a neoprene skirt or lighter weight nylon skirt. Lots of companies make good skirts from Seals to Wildwasser to Snapdragon, etc. Just decide on what material, what options you want. some skirts come with handy mesh pockets, others are a zip-ups. Keep in mind a skirt is only partially effective at keeping water out, unless used with a top designed to tuck the skirt tunnel into. I have the Prijon Seayak and the Seals skirt for my Solstice GT fits the Prijon. From posts here , seems the kodiak is no more difficult or easier than many other boats to roll.

Bad boy? Rolls with no problem .

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Are you worried about the deck height and volume?
Just go practice in a controlled environment until you are used to the new hull shape.
You need to have the thigh braces and outfitting so you fit tightly in the roomy cockpit.

I have the worlds ugliest roll and can roll it.
It also rolls better when full of gear and big breakers are heading for you ...;)

Seals Extreme Tour
works well on my Kodiak. Extreme Tour has a neo deck with a nylon tunnel. And the company that makes Seals products is great to deal with.

Some prefer an all neo skirt, others prefer other materials. Definitely lots of choices for skirts out there.

Enjoy your new boat.