Prijon Marlin Prilite question

I recently purchased one a few months ago and I’m trying to find information about their seat setup. Tried their website and I’m having difficulty locating info on their seat. Tried to have it translated into English but I just couldn’t find a sketch of the seat. There are 2 D rings on the bottom and I’m not to sure what they are for. I don’t care for the backrest because when you reenter doing a self rescue the back band slips out of the 2 prongs that holds it in place. Might just take it off and use a block of foam. Looking for info from other owners, thanks.

marlin backrest

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I put an IR whitewater backhand on my HTP Marlin (done the same on my Yukon and Combi as well). This helps for self-rescues and comfort. It also lightens the boat a bit. I use a float bag behind the seat to remove some of the dead space. I also velcroed the seat pad to the seat pan. The d rings are to fasten a small bag with emergency items (my guess).

similar experience
have paddled a Prijon Catalina for a few seasons - great kayak. Figures that Prijon no longer makes it.

Sounds like the same kind of seat and backrest.The latter is a rock hard piece of foam with a zip off cloth cover on two metal poles. No give, too big. Two minutes into the first paddle I pulled that sucker out and pitched it.

Replaced it w. a Snapdragon Backband 2 (which seems to no longer be avail). An IR Reggie or similar would work and be much less restrictive of your forward stroke. Better also in rescues.

Go for it and get rid of it.

Appreciate input, I also found their site with translation into English. I sent out an e mail to their support team. No rush just yet, will keep you informed.

I have a Prijon Cruiser. Found a dealer
here in the US called Wildwasser. You could give them a try.

if you want a great replacement check out bumfortable they are great

cool. post here
if you get a useful response.

After several calls/emails (all polite) to Prijon USA in Colorado I gave up. A good friend of mine is friends w. the president of PrijonUSA and couldn’t get me any help either. All I wanted to do was buy their ridiculously expensive rudder and some new Prijon decals.

Well, the Cat doesn’t need a rudder and decals are just cosmetic so ta hell w. 'em lol

Wildwasser makes some awesome gear. i have the Overnighters combination drybag/floatbag.

Good service

They got it touch with me this morning. Check out this link, hope it works.

. String in front is not a paddle leash, it’s to pull your boat through the water or tie it up somewhere.

. D rings below seat is to secure emergency bag or throw rope

. Back band is a problem, change bungi cord holding it in place with solid rope

They got back to me right away. thanks, will let you know how things work.

nice find
are you ordering from Germany or the U.S.

thanks for the link.

$168.80 for 'seat touring complete’

That’s about half what I paid for my lightly used 2009 Catalina. The one in which I threw out the seat back :slight_smile:

Must be that German engineering :wink: