Prijon Micro Tour

Does anyone know anything about this new boat and when it will be available? I’m looking for a low-volume plastic playboat primarily for rock gardening, surfing and greenland rolling. According to the spec published in the latest issue of the Paddlers magazine, the Prijon Micro Tour (L - 14’2, W - 22.5", D - 11") seems to be a good candidate. I’m also interested in the WS Zephyr 155, but I’m afraid the the deck at 14" might be too high to get into Greenland position.

Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have a link please.

Saw one
Thought the depth was deeper than 11". Have friends at Prijon, drop me a line and I’ll look into details for you if you like.

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Re: Do you have a link please.
No I only have a hard copy of the Jan/Feb issue of the Paddler magazine. It is on page 46 (correction on the length below)

Micro Tour: L - 12’5, W - 22.5, D - 11