Prijon Millienium/fiberglass

I just got my first kayak last year, and I’m hooked. I want to get into a more serious kayak. Presently, I own a necky 13. I had a great time in it last year, and have no problem recommending this boat to anyone looking for a flat water boat. I was right at the top end of it’s capacity (6" 195lbs) and want to go in the ocean. I was looking at a used Prijon Millenium/fiberglass. I’ve read about their plastic boats, and was interested in a seayak. I saw this available and am looking for some advise. I would have prefered plastic so that I don’t have to be as careful with bumping into things, but I can be careful if I have to.

Test, but in german
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In short:

  • lightweight
  • cheap
  • secure
  • fast for it’s length
  • rudder (especially at windy conditions)
  • thin material (don’t step on it)